Management Platform

IP Transit

Whether you are a wholesale provider, a cloud services provider or a content delivery network operator, Our Custom IP Transit service delivers the high-performance internet connectivity and stability that your business requires.

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Global Transit


  • 100% coverage of the IPv4/IPv6 global internet
  • Un-contended with comprehensive SLA
  • Tier 1 upstream carriers including Telia and GTT.
  • Low latency peered routes
  • Best path not least cost routing.
  • Static delivery available
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Partial Transit


  • Most cost effective
  • Un-contended with comprehensive SLA
  • Approximately 1/3 of the global routing table
  • Low-latency peered routes
  • BGP delivery only
  • Port options up to 100Ge available
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Reliable, Low-latency and high performance are the defining features of our IP transit services provided over high-speed backbone on carrier grade Juniper MX series routers. All services are supplied un-contended and backed up by a comprehensive SLA.

FASTPLANET provides a premium, multi-homed blend of Tier 1 carriers including Cogent and Level3 with extensive peering.

Our peering supplies approximately 1/3 of the global routing table with over 350+ BGP sessions to all major US networks and many large European ISPs and even further afield

IP services are delivered over our IPv4/IPv6 MPLS enabled network from a number of data centres around US with key routing nodes. Commits are available from as low as 10Mbit through to 10Gbit+ at all sites with a variety of available port options.

Bandwidth Profile

  • CDR speeds available from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps per port
  • Un-contended bandwidth burstable to port speed


  • IPv4, IPv6 native, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
  • BGP full or partial routes
  • Static with PA allocation

Interfaces and media

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 40 / 100 Gigabit Ethernet (select sites)
  • fiber only

Aggregate Bandwidth

  • Multi-site configurations
  • Link aggregation (LACP)

Other services

  • Obtain your own ARIN/RIPE resources